From oil & gas services and equipment, to distribution and refining, our combination of ‘boots-on-the-ground’ experience and first-hand expertise is critical in an industry that demands both.

It begins with a relationship.

At Founders, we offer business owners like you step-by-step guidance to facilitate the selling or growing of your business. But in truth, we offer much more. We offer a relationship. One fortified by our knowledge of your industry. Knowledge that wasn’t gained by someone sitting in an office wearing a flashy suit, but by someone who’s been in the field, literally, wearing jeans and a pair of mud-caked steel-toed boots. Someone you can talk to. Someone who gets it. And someone who understands that this isn’t just a business—it’s your business.

Through our experience within your industry, and our own expertise, we’re able to go beyond understanding your needs—we’re able to anticipate them. To be with you every muddy step of the way. To ensure that we find you the best offer, from the best buyer, and all while keeping in mind what’s best for your company’s ultimate legacy. So while working with us may begin as a business relationship, you’ll quickly find that we take relationships of any kind personally.

At Founders, it begins with a relationship.

Industry Events

  1. Energy, Utility, & Environment Conference

    The 23rd Annual Energy, Utility & Environment Conference will be held concurrently with Charge & TE Expo at the Convention Center, San Diego, California.

  | April 20-21, 2020


  2. IEEE PES T&D Conference & Expo

    The IEEE PES Transmission & Distribution Conference & Exposition isn’t just the industry’s signature show — it’s an all-encompassing, immersive and global conference experience like no other. Here you’ll join top utility CEOs and some of the world’s brightest engineers in discovering the latest T&D products, ideas and innovations. | April 20-23, 2020


  3. Heritage Forum

    Participants enjoy meaningful time of growth and fellowship in a collaborative gathering of high capacity leaders. The objective of the forum is to inspire and equip attendees with best practices for life and succession planning in a holistic manner, with the goal of creating a Heritage Vision for lasting-Legacy. Over the two-day Forum event, participants engage in an interactive experience that includes recreation, casual socializing, teaching, solo time for reflection, small group discussion, panel discussions, fireside chats and great meals. ] | April 27 – 29, 2020


  4. Louisiana Energy Conference (Al Petrie Event)

    Our 2020 LEC will feature a series of more than 20 panels and presentations May 26 – 29 that will discuss key domestic and international oil and natural gas industry developments and topics. Executives from a variety of leading public and private exploration and production (E&P) and oil field services companies as well as representatives from energy-related private equity firms, industry trade groups, regulatory agencies, investment banks, institutional and industry research groups, insurance, and law firms will participate in the panel discussions. | May 26-29, 2020


Ready to talk? We’re ready to listen.