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Discover if your company is Investment Grade

Investment Grade – A company of a quality and professionalization to be able to receive institutional investment

With over 90 targeted questions refined over decades of investment banking experience, the Investment Grade Assessment provides critical insights for businesses seeking to evaluate their investability, marketability, and growth strategy.

  • Understand and prepare for the benchmarks buyers will apply to your business
  • Leverage the customized report to improve your company’s investability
  • Drive stability of cash flow and increase peace of mind

“I just took the assessment. There are some great insights that serve as areas I need to focus on with the business. So some great food for thought and guidance and well worth the time of taking it. Plan to take it once a year to make sure we are trending in the right direction!”

Justin Emond, CEO/Founder of Third and Grove
  • 90+ Questions over 12 Sections
  • 25 Minutes to Complete
  • Customized Feedback from over 150 Years of Experience