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From B2B and Tech-Enabled services, including staffing and recruiting, professional employer organization (PEO) and HR SaaS, to IT and Management Consulting, we make it our business to know yours.

It begins with a relationship.

There’s a lot of firsts throughout the life of a business. There’s the first dollar made, the first contract signed, and the front doors opening for the first time. But these events share more in common than their singularity. They all signify the start of something new. Something that requires a combination of preparation, expertise and diligence. And, most importantly, you only get one chance to get them right.

The same is true with selling a business. Which is why—whether you’re looking for strategic growth to attract future buyers, actionable plans to find the right buyer with the right offer, or you’re simply looking to ensure a lasting legacy—forging a relationship with a trusted and knowledgeable partner is critical for such a singular and significant event.

Equipped with time-proven methods, industry experience and considerable expertise, Founders Advisors can be that trusted partner for you. In fact, when it comes to the life of your own business, we sincerely believe that beginning a relationship with us will be one of the best first decisions you ever make.

At Founders, it begins with a relationship.

Industry Events

  1. Heritage Forum

    Participants enjoy meaningful time of growth and fellowship in a collaborative gathering of high capacity leaders. The objective of the forum is to inspire and equip attendees with best practices for life and succession planning in a holistic manner, with the goal of creating a Heritage Vision for lasting-Legacy. Over the two-day Forum event, participants engage in an interactive experience that includes recreation, casual socializing, teaching, solo time for reflection, small group discussion, panel discussions, fireside chats and great meals. | April 17-19, 2023


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