From industrial technology to industrial services and materials, we leverage our experience, expertise and extensive network of long-standing relationships with leading companies to better serve your needs—and strengthen our relationship with you.

It begins with a relationship.

We offer comprehensive selling, buying and growth strategies for businesses across the entire industrials sector.

But for us, it’s about more than that. Yes, we can lead you toward the right offers from the right buyers at the right time. But we can also be by your side during the entire process, helping you make the right decisions for the future of your company. While other firms in our industry might solely focus on the numbers, we focus on establishing a relationship with you. One built on trust for the specific purpose of meeting and exceeding your individual needs, whatever they may be.

How? By looking beyond the business, and seeing the people behind them. By recognizing that this isn’t just any company—it’s yours. And by knowing that for you, it isn’t all about the numbers—it’s about working with someone you can trust. Someone who listens to your wants and pursues your needs.

At Founders, it begins with a relationship.

Industry Events

  1. Heritage Forum

    Participants enjoy meaningful time of growth and fellowship in a collaborative gathering of high capacity leaders. The objective of the forum is to inspire and equip attendees with best practices for life and succession planning in a holistic manner, with the goal of creating a Heritage Vision for lasting-Legacy. Over the two-day Forum event, participants engage in an interactive experience that includes recreation, casual socializing, teaching, solo time for reflection, small group discussion, panel discussions, fireside chats and great meals. | April 17-19, 2023


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