Founders Celebrates 20th Anniversary

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"We honestly felt the Founders team cared about us and what was right for us."

— Jeff, T-H Marine

"I chose Founders because of the depth of the team and the trust I had in them."

— Greg, U-GRO Learning Centres

“It’s more than confidence, I trust them completely.”

— Andy, OHD

Cheers to 20 Years!

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“There is no doubt, Founders added value to our company.”

— Mario, GradesFirst
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“Founders gets it! They work with your interests top of mind.”

— Jeff, TicketBiscuit

"I know my business like the back of my hand, but the Founders team made it their mission to know it better."

— Seth, Halski
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Recent Transactions


South Block

South Block is an açaí, smoothie, and juice company with 15 locations in and around the Washington DC area.

  • Seller: South Block
  • Buyer: Savory Fund
  • Industry: Consumer
  • Service: Sell-Side Advisor

Ridgeline Roofing

Ridgeline Roofing is a premier provider of residential roofing services across the Southeastern US.

  • Seller: Ridgeline Roofing
  • Buyer: Bertram Capital
  • Industry: Consumer
  • Service: Sell-Side Advisor


MEDTHERM is the leading provider of heat flux sensors and infrared radiometers for mission-critical applications in the Aerospace, Defense, Commercial Spacecraft, and Industrial markets. 

  • Seller: MEDTHERM
  • Buyer: Raptor Scientific
  • Industry: Industrials
  • Service: Sell-Side Advisor


RevaComm is a digital transformation firm with technology products and DevSecOps expertise that serve federal civilian and defense agencies.

  • Seller: RevaComm
  • Buyer: IntelliBridge
  • Industry: Technology
  • Service: Sell-Side Advisor

Payroll Integrations

Payroll Integrations provides direct two-way connections between payroll providers and benefit platforms as an integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS).

  • Company: Payroll Integrations
  • Investor: Arthur Ventures
  • Industry: Technology
  • Service: Sell-Side Advisor

Discover Founders

Founders’ Martin Luther King Jr. Serve Day 2024

This Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the Founders team invested in the local community by working at Cornerstone Elementary School to improve the facilities for the children who attend. Cornerstone is a kindergarten through 8th grade school with over 220 students in downtown Birmingham. A bi-annual tradition, Founders staff spends one Saturday in July and...

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Due Diligence Management: Tips for Potential Sellers

Due diligence is a 45-90 day-long, high-stakes, and in-depth inspection of the business that is unlike anything an owner has faced before. Through our transaction experience, we find that diligence is a formidable challenge for all, but often toughest on the seller. The due diligence process always pushes sellers’ patience and endurance, challenges the management team’s knowledge and organization, and tests any relational equity built between the buyer and seller.

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Platform or Add-On – Which is My MSP?

In the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of the IT services ecosystem, owners of Managed Services Providers (MSPs) find themselves at a crossroads when considering the future of their businesses. As the demand for managed services continues to grow, owners must strategically position their MSPs to attract the right kind of attention from potential investors.

“People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

– Theodore Roosevelt