"We honestly felt the Founders team cared about us and what was right for us."

— Jeff, T-H Marine

"I chose Founders because of the depth of the team and the trust I had in them."

— Greg, U-GRO Learning Centres

“It’s more than confidence, I trust them completely.”

— Andy, OHD

“There is no doubt, Founders added value to our company.”

— Mario, GradesFirst
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Problems We Solve

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“Founders gets it! They work with your interests top of mind.”

— Jeff, TicketBiscuit

Founders Restores Historic Building for Birmingham Office

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"I know my business like the back of my hand, but the Founders team made it their mission to know it better."

— Seth, Halski
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Recent Transactions


Inventory Sales Company

ISC is a distributor of Class-C parts with a primary focus on fasteners and strut accessories.

  • Seller: Inventory Sales Company
  • Buyer: EFC International
  • Industry: Industrial
  • Service: Sell-Side Advisor

Surgical Dermatology Group

Surgical Dermatology is a multi-service surgical and dermatologic practice.

  • Seller: Surgical Dermatology Group
  • Buyer: Aqua Dermatology
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Service: Sell-Side Advisor


Coach-Net is a provider of roadside and technical assistance.

  • Seller: Coach-Net
  • Buyer: Blue Compass RV
  • Industry: Business Services
  • Service: Sell-Side Advisor

Bag Supply Company

Bag Supply is a manufacturer and distributor of packaging solutions.

  • Seller: Bag Supply Company
  • Buyer: Field Packaging Solutions
  • Industry: Industrials
  • Service: Sell-Side Advisor

Celebrated Experiences

Celebrated Experiences is a hotel representation and destination management company.

  • Seller: Celebrated Experiences
  • Buyer: Snowdon Partners
  • Industry: Consumer
  • Service: Sell-Side Advisor

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A Net Working Capital Crash Course for Sellers

By: Billy Pritchard Net Working Capital (“NWC”) is a critical component of any transaction involving the sale of a private business. As a seller, it is important to understand the concept of NWC, its impact on a transaction, and how to navigate the common deal terms we see in the Lower Middle Market. Keys to...

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Founders Martin Luther King Jr. Serve Day 2023

This Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the Founders team invested in the local community by working at Barrett Elementary School to improve the facilities for the children who attend. The firm completed projects including everything from painting cabinets to cleaning lockers, installing corkboards in the hallways and replacing chalkboards with dry erase boards.

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“The time is always right to do what's right”

– Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.