"We honestly felt the Founders team cared about us and what was right for us."

— Jeff, T-H Marine

"I chose Founders because of the depth of the team and the trust I had in them."

— Greg, U-GRO Learning Centres

“It’s more than confidence, I trust them completely.”

— Andy, OHD

“There is no doubt, Founders added value to our company.”

— Mario, GradesFirst
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“Founders gets it! They work with your interests top of mind.”

— Jeff, TicketBiscuit

Founders Restores Historic Building for Birmingham Office

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"I know my business like the back of my hand, but the Founders team made it their mission to know it better."

— Seth, Halski
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Recent Transactions



Zigatta is a global technology solutions company.

  • Seller: Zigatta
  • Buyer: Improving Enterprises
  • Industry: Technology
  • Service: Sell-Side Advisor

Celebrated Experiences

Celebrated Experiences is a hotel representation and destination management company.

  • Seller: Celebrated Experiences
  • Buyer: Snowdon Partners
  • Industry: Consumer
  • Service: Sell-Side Advisor

Sunrise Builders Supply

Sunrise is a provider of high-quality building supplies to builders, contractors, and homeowners.

  • Seller: Sunrise Builders Supply
  • Buyer: Kodiak Building Partners
  • Industry: Industrials
  • Service: Sell-Side Advisor


Raney’s is an e-commerce distributor of heavy-duty truck parts and accessories.

  • Seller: Raney’s
  • Buyer: Incline Equity Partners
  • Industry: Industrials
  • Service: Sell-Side Advisor


Postmark provides an email automation software platform.

  • Seller: Postmark
  • Buyer: ActiveCampaign
  • Industry: Technology
  • Service: Sell-Side Advisor

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Preparing Your MSP for a Transaction

By: Chris Weingartner Most owners of Managed Service Providers, at some point, will consider selling all or part of their company.  Whether the transaction is prompted by a desire to retire, pursue other career objectives, or simply take advantage of a robust market for MSP acquisitions, there are some basic preparations that owners can take...

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Founders Martin Luther King Jr. Serve Day 2023

This Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the Founders team invested in the local community by working at Barrett Elementary School to improve the facilities for the children who attend. The firm completed projects including everything from painting cabinets to cleaning lockers, installing corkboards in the hallways and replacing chalkboards with dry erase boards.

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Private Capital Markets Update: December 2022

In this edition of Founders’ Private Capital Markets Update, our team looks at the key factors impacting the current state of the M&A market. While strong by historical standards, the M&A market has slowed significantly from a record pace last year.

“The time is always right to do what's right”

– Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.