Founders Celebrates 20th Anniversary

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"We honestly felt the Founders team cared about us and what was right for us."

— Jeff, T-H Marine

"I chose Founders because of the depth of the team and the trust I had in them."

— Greg, U-GRO Learning Centres

“It’s more than confidence, I trust them completely.”

— Andy, OHD

Cheers to 20 Years!

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“There is no doubt, Founders added value to our company.”

— Mario, GradesFirst
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“Founders gets it! They work with your interests top of mind.”

— Jeff, TicketBiscuit

"I know my business like the back of my hand, but the Founders team made it their mission to know it better."

— Seth, Halski
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Recent Transactions



The undisclosed client previously owned a limestone quarry located in Chico, Texas, providing aggregates to the DFW-region.

  • Seller: Undisclosed
  • Buyer: P&K Stone, LLC
  • Industry: Construction & Building Materials
  • Service: Sell-Side Advisor


EasyPower is a developer of software used by electrical engineers and consultants for power system design and management.

  • Seller: EasyPower
  • Buyer: Bentley Systems
  • Industry: Technology & Business Services
  • Service: Sell-Side Advisor


Accruit is a leading independent Qualified Intermediary and technology service provider of real estate 1031 exchanges.

  • Seller: Accruit
  • Buyer: Millennium Trust Company
  • Industry: Technology & Business Services
  • Service: Sell-Side Advisor

Inventory Sales Company

ISC is a distributor of Class-C parts with a primary focus on fasteners and strut accessories.

  • Seller: Inventory Sales Company
  • Buyer: EFC International
  • Industry: Industrial
  • Service: Sell-Side Advisor

Surgical Dermatology Group

Surgical Dermatology is a multi-service surgical and dermatologic practice.

  • Seller: Surgical Dermatology Group
  • Buyer: Aqua Dermatology
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Service: Sell-Side Advisor

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Founders Advisors Celebrates 20th Anniversary at Pursell Farms

Founders recently celebrated its 20th Anniversary, a truly memorable experience. Held at the beautiful Pursell Farms in Sylacauga, Alabama, the 3-day celebration was filled with exciting activities, delicious food, and quality time with co-workers and friends of the firm.  We could not have asked for a better way to celebrate such a significant milestone. The...

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Private Equity is Emailing & Calling My MSP Non-Stop – What Do I Do?

Unless you are operating your MSP in stealth mode with little to no web presence, odds are that you receive inquiries from private equity groups (PEGs) on a near-daily basis. While this is flattering and can be exciting, it is important to first understand a few basics of how PEGs work, and second, appreciate the best course of action when you receive those inbound inquiries.

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Managed IT Services Update: Q1 2023

In this edition of Founder’s Managed IT Services Q1 2023 Update, our team provides valuable insights from the marketplace based on the first quarter. Despite the continued broader macro noise and uncertainty associated with interest rate increases, banking failures, geopolitical conflict, etc., MSP and IT Services M&A remained steady during 2023 Q1.

“The time is always right to do what's right”

– Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.