Problems We Solve

Whether you’re looking to sell, grow or acquire a business, we’re ready to begin a relationship with you. One that is built on trust, listening and expertise—all designed to lead you toward actionable solutions and successful results.

It begins with a relationship.

To maintain any successful professional relationship, service is a must. At its roots, service comes from understanding, anticipating and then answering another’s need. We see the services we provide in that same light.

So whether you’re here for sell-side, buy-side, or capital solutions, we’re here to listen to your needs, help you prepare for a favorable outcome, and provide you with proven methods that lead you to success.

Growth Opportunities

“Our company has a tremendous growth opportunity, but we don’t have the capital to pursue the opportunity and take our company to the next level.  I’m concerned that if we don’t pursue this opportunity soon someone else will.”

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Wealth Diversification

“The large majority of our family’s wealth his tied up in our business. The company’s prospects are good so I’m not ready to sale. I wish there were a way to keep growing the business, but take some of the risk of the table for my family.”

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“I’m ready to slow down and/or retire and there is no one in the family I trust or is interested in running the business going forward. I have a great team but they don’t have the resources to buy me out at a good value.”

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Finding the Right Buyer

“A buyer approached me about selling my business and it got me thinking, but I don’t know if this is the right buyer or the right value. I want to explore a sale with this buyer, but I fear being taken advantage of, or distracting my team.”

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Industry Consolidation

“The sector my business operates in is consolidating and there are a few large strategics buying companies like mine regularly. While I think our company has good prospects, I fear that we’ll miss our chance to sale and if we wait too long, we’ll become very difficult to compete against larger companies with more capital and resources.”

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Management Buyout

“The business owner said they would entertain the idea of selling the company to me and few other key employees, but I don’t know how to value the company or how to secure financing because we don’t have that kind of money.”

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Our Services

Sell-Side Advisory

There’s nothing simple about selling a business, which is why having a trustworthy partner is essential. So whether you’re ready to sell now, or you’re looking for long-term guidance to increase profits, lower risks and better position yourself to do so in the future, we can help.

Buy-Side Advisory

At Founders, we help many clients sell their business, but we also guide those looking to buy. This experience has given us insights which serve to guide your business toward smarter acquisitions and more successful outcomes.

Capital Solutions

Whether it be a refinancing of an existing lender, a recapitalization for shareholder liquidity, growth financing, or capital advisory in distressed situations, our team brings the experience and keen market insight to help you achieve your goals.