From Enterprise Software and Software-as-a-Service, to Digital Media, eCommerce, and IT, our technology team’s real-life tech experience means we can do more than just listen to your needs—we can actually understand what you say.

It begins with a relationship.

To thrive, or even survive, in an industry that moves as fast as technology does, you have to know it. You have to understand the people who work within it, the fears they have, and the language they speak. And not just a basic understanding, but an acquired knowledge that can only come from hands-on real-life experience.

So when you’re a business owner looking to sell your company, having a trusted partner by your side—one who’s worked within the same industry and understands your needs—is critical.

At Founders, we’ve helped dozens of companies like yours find noteworthy deals. But our experience goes beyond that. You see, we’ve been where you’ve been. We’ve worked with, and for, mighty tech giants and niche start-ups. We’ve even sold our own tech companies. So when you’re looking to sell a business within an industry that demands a certain know-how, forming a relationship with someone who knows how it works is essential to your success.

At Founders, it begins with a relationship.

Industry Events

  1. Silicon Y’all

    Founders’ SaaS & Internet Summit is an exclusive gathering of select SaaS and Internet company leaders – registration is limited to 80 CEOs and 20 of the top tech private equity groups spanning the capital continuum. Attendees engage in meaningful discussions about growth, value, and current industry trends. | October 2-4, 2023


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