From individual practices and facility management, to life sciences, healthcare services and healthcare information technology, our team can help you navigate within a market that’s always changing.

It begins with a relationship.

As someone who owns a business in the healthcare market, you know all too well just how dynamic the industry can be. With ever-changing legislation—rules and regulations that are either too strict, or not strict enough—navigating your business through such a turbulent market can be as complicated as the laws that make it so.

It comes as little or no surprise then, that growing and selling a business in such a climate is as equally complex. From timing the sell right, to getting an accurate business valuation, mitigating your risks on your way to achieving success takes more than just experience and expertise—it takes a dedicated and trustworthy team that truly understands the intricacies of your industry.

Which is why at Founders, we don’t just talk the talk—we walk the walk. Our team is comprised of skilled individuals with decades of healthcare experience. And it’s these experiences, combined with our own expertise, that we use as a foundation for forming an authentic relationship with you—all so we can best meet your needs.

At Founders, it begins with a relationship.

Industry Events

  1. Heritage Forum

    Participants enjoy meaningful time of growth and fellowship in a collaborative gathering of high capacity leaders. The objective of the forum is to inspire and equip attendees with best practices for life and succession planning in a holistic manner, with the goal of creating a Heritage Vision for lasting-Legacy. Over the two-day Forum event, participants engage in an interactive experience that includes recreation, casual socializing, teaching, solo time for reflection, small group discussion, panel discussions, fireside chats and great meals. | April 17-19, 2023


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