Jemison Investment Completes Divestiture of Tarrant Hydraulics Service, Inc.

Jemison Investment Company has successfully completed the divestiture of its investment stake in Tarrant Hydraulic Service, Inc. The existing management team will assume full ownership of the company. Headquartered in Tarrant, Alabama with additional operations in Mobile, Tarrant Hydraulic specializes in the custom manufacturing, modification, repair and maintenance of hydraulic/pneumatic cylinders, pumps, valves, air tools and lube equipment. The company primarily serves production facilities with exacting performance requirements and harsh environments within the steel, marine, mining, pulp and paper mill, pipe, construction and excavating industries.

Founders Investment Banking acted as an advisor to Jemison in this process. “We enjoyed working alongside Jemison to help them accomplish their strategic objectives for this investment,” stated Duane Donner, Managing Director of Founders Investment Banking. “We were able to assist them in navigating the divestiture process, and are pleased that our advisory services played an important role in creating an attractive outcome.” “Founders did an excellent job advising us on our divestiture options as they related to current market conditions and valuation metrics, which equipped us to make a well-informed, timely decision that ultimately led to a successful result,” confirmed David Brown, President of Jemison Investment Company. “We are pleased to have an investment banking firm like Founders in Birmingham that can provide high-quality transaction advisory services and serve as an important resource in our decision-making processes with regards to potential acquisitions and divestitures.”