Frost Philanthropic Services, LLC Acquires

Founders Investment Banking, LLC (“Founders”) is pleased to announce that (“FRI”) has been acquired by Frost Philanthropic Services, LLC (“Frost”). Offering a comprehensive set of innovative, web-based resources, FRI has integrated fundamental fundraising principles with decades of nonprofit consulting expertise to assist fundraising professionals and organizations with a broad range of resource development activity. Frost brings vision, experience and a new set of relationships to FRI which will enable the company to expand its offerings to nonprofits in the United States and around the world.

“We are very excited to see make this next great step in its evolution. Frost has extensive experience, a broad network of contacts in the industry, and a compelling vision for the company that will drive FRI to a new level,” commented G. Douglass Alexander, President of “Zane and the Founders team were a pleasure to work with and served as a very valuable partner. I was impressed with their team’s fundamental understanding of the fundraising industry as well as how technology is shaping its future. We could not be more pleased with the way they quarterbacked us through each phase of this process, and we anticipate a bright future for FRI under the guidance of the Frost team.”

“We are very enthusiastic about driving the brand forward,” stated Jay Frost, CEO of Frost Philanthropic Services, LLC. “The way in which technology and social media affect the delivery of fundraising services has evolved tremendously over the last decade. FRI is now well-positioned to apply its rich content, services and experience to serve a broadening network of nonprofits through these new platforms. We look forward to building on the pioneering work of FRI and its founders to bring ‘On-Demand Fundraising Support’ to a new generation of nonprofits around the world.”

Founders acted as the exclusive financial advisor to FRI shareholders in the transaction. “Doug and his team have done a remarkable job of building such an extensive knowledge base of fundraising principles and information,” indicated Zane Tarence, Managing Director of Founders’ Technology Practice. “I believe FRI will benefit tremendously from Frost’s depth of technology expertise and innovative approach to the nonprofit market. Fundraising has such a strong and immediate need for fundraising consulting and scalable technology-enabled platforms. Frost has an excellent opportunity to reach a vast audience with relevant content and tools by expanding the strong foundation that Doug and his team have created in”


I is a pioneer in creating online fundraising support and training services. Since its founding in 2000, FRI has created the first web-based fundraising support services, launched online answer services for major fundraising associations, created branded resource development and campaign support programs for leading national charities and provided live and virtual training, tools and support guides and documentation to thousands of nonprofit executives throughout the United States. For more information about, please visit; or call (877) 637-5889.

About Frost Philanthropic Services, LLC

Frost Philanthropic Services, LLC is dedicated to developing companies serving the world of fundraising and philanthropy. The firm is headed by Jay Frost, an industry veteran who has provided insight and guidance to thousands of organizations around the world in his roles as an owner and executive at companies serving charitable organizations and the financial services industry, a speaker and trainer at hundreds of conferences and meetings on three continents and a widely published author and editor on fundraising and giving. For more information about Frost Philanthropic Services, please visit; or call (877) 637-5889.