Previously Unannounced Digital Media Transaction – An Inside Look

One of Founders’ past clients offers an insider’s look into the events and emotions surrounding the negotiation of a successful exit of his web property to a publicly-traded company…

When I started Get Rich Slowly — on 15 April 2006 — it made very little money. It earned a few pennies per day. Slowly, the income grew. A few pennies per day turned into a few dollars per day, and that turned into tens of dollars per day. Eventually I was making enough money from this site that I could quit my day job to blog full time. The last time I mentioned my income on GRS, I wrote that I was making $5,000 a month. That was in November of 2007, I think. Then my wife, my lawyer, and my accountant all asked me to stop writing about my income. When that holy trinity speaks in unison, you listen, right? The more I worked on this site, the more the income increased…. (click to continue reading the full article).*


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