Ask Founders: Five Questions for Joe Brady

Joe H. Brady III is a Vice President with Founders Investment Banking, an independent investment banking firm headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama committed to providing customized corporate finance solutions with a geographical focus on the Deep South. Here, Joe answers five questions about his role, developments in an important industry, the city of Birmingham, and some of the businesses he has helped during his time with Founders. Joe can be contacted at


Q1.  What is the best way to describe your role at Founders and what you do for the firm?  We sell companies, and I am fortunate enough to lead those processes with a great team here at Founders.  These deals can be very complex, and we work hard with our clients to understand and meet their objectives in a transaction.


Q2.  You do a lot of work with companies in the oil & gas services industry.  What do you see as the outlook for that field in the near future?  I am a strong proponent for energy independence for the US.  The growth in the shale plays in recent years has opened up enormous opportunities in this sector and generated hundreds of thousands of jobs and will continue to for many years.  Founders has developed a strong niche and experience in this space, and we have many more great companies in the pipeline.


Q3.  What is one deal in which you’ve helped a client succeed that stands out the most to you?  The deal that we did for Student Life holds a special place for me.  I loved working with the great Student Life team, and I believe that they can enact a bright, fresh new perspective in their new home at LifeWay.



Q4. As a proud native son of Birmingham, how would you say the city has changed since you grew up and where do you think it is heading?  We have come a long way, but we still have a ways to go.  We have solid components, with outstanding people, infrastructure, great companies and history, but we need to put it all together.  I love the new urban redevelopment initiatives such as Railroad Park and the baseball stadium.  I am excited to see and contribute in any small way I can to the next chapter in our city’s story.


Q5. Civic involvement is big with the Founders team, and you just joined the Monday Morning Quarterback Club. What excites you the most about working with this organization?  This is a tremendous organization, and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of it. The Monday Morning Quarterback Club’s goal is to raise funds to support children’s medical needs.  Honestly, it is very fulfilling to be part of an enterprise dedicated to such a worthy cause. That, and I get to meet Coach Saban each year.