Founders Investment Banking, now Founders Advisors

Dear Friends of Founders,

Founders will be celebrating its 15 year anniversary next year, which is cause for great thanksgiving, celebration, and reflection.  Founded in 2003, Founders was started with a vision of helping business owners access growth capital and or monetize the enterprise value of their business through a full or partial sale.  We started with a practice group focused on helping companies in Alabama and its neighboring states.  There were just a few of us back then.  Today we have 23 professionals and five practice groups with a second office in Dallas, Texas.  While we still serve companies in our own backyard, our practice groups have deep industry expertise across a wide range of industries allowing us to serve clients not just in the Southeast, but worldwide.  While M&A advisory continues to be our core focus, we also added the Strategic Advisory Practice in 2015.  This practice, led by Mike McCraw, helps companies focus on increasing their company’s tangible enterprise value by providing expert guidance based on not only our experience running companies, but also our breadth of experience valuing and selling businesses to staple private equity and large strategic buyers.

As we reflect on our past, and our vision for the future, we believe Founders Advisors to be a more fitting name, and complimentary to our vision of becoming “the leading merger, acquisition and corporate advisory firm for lower middle-market companies in the Southeast and the industries we serve.”  In every interaction with business owners, we have two primary objectives, one listening to and understanding their goals and objectives, and two, providing tangible value. We aim to be trusted advisors.

While our name is changing, our passion for serving our clients with a relational approach is not.


Duane P. Donner II
Founder & Managing Partner


About Founders Advisors

Founders Advisors (Founders) is a merger, acquisition & strategic advisory firm serving middle-market companies. Founders’ focus is on oil and gas, SaaS/software, industrials, internet, healthcare, digital media and industrial technology companies located nationwide, as well as companies based in the Southeast across a variety of industries. Founders’ skilled professionals, proven expertise and process-based solutions help companies access growth capital, make acquisitions, and/or prepare for and execute liquidity events to achieve specific financial goals. In order to provide securities-related services discussed herein, certain principals of Founders are licensed with M & A Securities Group, Inc. or Founders M&A Advisory, LLC, both members of member FINRA & SiPC. M&A Securities Group and Founders are unaffiliated entities. Founders M&A Advisory is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Founders Advisors, LLC. Neither Founders M&A Advisory nor Founders Advisors, LLC provide investment advice. For more information, visit