Founders’ Q2 2018 SaaS Market Update

By: Zane Tarence

In the Founders’ Q2 2018 SaaS Update, we explore recent transactions, analyze key performance indicators for owners to benchmark against, and share interesting quotes from leaders in the space.  Also included is a brief literature review of some of the top SaaS related articles we’ve read recently, an overview of our upcoming SaaS and Internet Summit: Silicon Y’all, and our quarterly tip regarding institutional capital readiness from our friends at Married2Growth.

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About Founders

Founders Advisors (Founders) is a merger, acquisition and strategic advisory firm serving lower-middle-market companies. Founders’ focus is on nationwide energy, industrial, SaaS/software, internet, industrial technology, healthcare, digital media, consumer, and value-added distribution companies as well as companies based in the Southeast across a variety of industries. Founders’ skilled professionals, proven expertise, and process-based solutions help companies access growth capital, make acquisitions, and/or prepare for and execute liquidity events to achieve specific financial goals. In order to provide securities-related services discussed herein, certain principals of Founders are licensed with M&A Securities Group, Inc. or Founders M&A Advisory, LLC, both members FINRA & SiPC. M&A Securities Group and Founders are unaffiliated entities. Founders M&A Advisory is a wholly owned subsidiary of Founders. For more information, visit