Founders Hosts Spring Heritage Forum

By: Katie Burns

Founders recently hosted its Spring Heritage Forum April 29th – May 1st at Pursell Farms.  The Heritage Forum has a unique focus on the participants personal, family and business legacy.  “Founders Advisors’ experience in helping private owners grow their business and realize a liquidity event has uncovered a deep desire to help private owners and their families prepare for the transfer of their business interests and wealth to the next generation and to also play an active role in defining their legacy,” said Duane Donner, Founders Advisors’ Managing Partner and creator of the Heritage Forum.    

The forum engaged participants in an interactive and collaborative Heritage Process, designed to prompt the exploration, development, and creation of their personal Heritage Vision©. The Vision (picture of a preferable future) includes every major aspect of one’s personal and professional life related to their purpose and legacy. Interactive sessions were facilitated by a team of talented and experienced professionals who specialize in their respective areas of expertise within the realm of Heritage and Legacy Planning.

Some of the topics covered in the forum included:  

  • Exploring your Why! (Purpose)
  • Living Life on Purpose (Intentionality)
  • Making the shift from Success to Significance (Fulfillment)
  • Generational Planning and execution (Legacy)
  • Stewardship and Generosity (Engagement)
  • Heritage Vision Process (Vision)

Over the two-day Forum event, attendees enjoyed recreation activities, socializing with other high capacity individuals, time for reflection, small group discussions, panel discussions, fireside chats, delicious southern meals, and more.

If you, or someone you know would be interested in attending a Heritage Forum, go to for more information, and/or contact Duane Donner.