What We’re Reading About Industrial Technology

By: Kendrick Vinar

IoT Signals – Microsoft
IoT continues to grow in popularity on a global scale, with 85% of the 3,000+ business decision makers surveyed by Microsoft saying that they have at least one IoT project currently in use. Growth is showing no signs of slow down, with adoption projected to increase by 9% by the end of 2021. Enterprise companies are quickly seeing how the application of IoT can deliver a return on investment, with adopters expecting to see an ROI of ~30% over the next two years based on increased efficiencies and reduced expenses.

Industry X.0 Combine and Conquer – Accenture
Combination is key when it comes to exploiting the full benefit of innovative technologies for industrial companies. Estimated average savings of $1.6bn could be achieves for companies in the industrial equipment sector from the combination of autonomous robots, AI, blockchain, big data, and 3D printing. Industry X.0 companies leverage the core operational efficiencies of Industry 4.0 and also unlock immense incremental value through the combination of advanced digital technologies.

Exploring 5 Megatrends in Manufacturing – Hitachi
Utilizing big data and IoT is becoming increasingly critical in the new generation of manufacturing, with early adopters already seeing benefits in gross margin and earnings. Lean operating systems driven by prediction appears to be the future standard in handling manufacturing analytics, allowing for manufacturers to be proactive rather than reactive to unplanned variances in production and delivery. Connectivity across the entire value chain is integral to realizing the full benefit of predictive analytics on a company’s bottom line.