Duane Donner Receives Birmingham’s 2021 Vistage Leadership Award

Founders Advisors announces that Duane Donner has been named the winner of Birmingham’s 2021 Vistage Leadership Award. With wisdom gleaned throughout his career, Duane provided admirable leadership through the Covid-19 pandemic, focusing on effective communication and a clear vision. He helped his company adopt a “we’re in it together” attitude that kept the business running smoothly and efficiently.  A member of Frank Day’s group, Duane’s leadership climb began in the U.S. Army, where he learned how to rally the troops and inspire the confidence required to persevere in life’s hardest moments. Below are three tips from Duane that will help you along the way.

“It’s not how tough you are, it’s how long you’re tough.”

Duane Donner

Tips from Duane:
  • Value your team. It is your biggest asset.
  • Look at challenges as an adventure, not a horror movie.
  • Opportunity is just on the other side.