Enterprise Support Software: Q4 2023

In this edition of Founder’s ESS Vertical Coverage Report, our team provides valuable insights from the marketplace based on Q4. 2023 was a down year for software private equity with the primary factors being market uncertainty and the ongoing disconnect on valuation expectations between buyers and sellers.​ As these groups aim to put undeployed capital to work, we are expecting an uptick in PE activity in 2024.​

Our update also features deep dives into:

  • Key Highlights from Q4
  • SaaS & IT Services Scorecards – Factors Driving Valuations
  • Supply Chain Software
  • Enterprise Software Consulting Services

As we continue to move through 2024, Founders remains focused on helping founder-owned and led businesses achieve their goals, whether that is to exit completely, take some chips off the table, or raise capital to accelerate growth.

If you are considering a transaction, please reach out to our team for insight into what investors and buyers are looking for, as well as how we uniquely position each business to maximize value, minimize the disruption to your daily business, and optimize the probability of a successful outcome.