Construction Materials 2023 Year in Review Newsletter

This edition of the Construction Materials 2023 Year in Review Newsletter includes some of the highlights from what the major construction materials companies achieved over 2023, as well as insight into how they see 2024 developing, and an overview of recent M&A activity and trends. It also includes valuation and trading statistics for major players in the industry, as well as notable construction materials transactions from 2032 and early 2024.

In summary:

  • Construction materials companies were given a full range of challenges to start 2023, including increased interest rates and lingering inflation, but these companies have managed to capture revenue growth despite flat, or declining volumes, by strategic price increases.
  • M&A activity has continued at a fairly strong pace, while the market saw some compression in the multiples paid on deals in 2023 due to the increased cost of debt after the run up in interest rates, certain highly strategic acquisitions are commanding large multiples.

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