We recently caught up with Seth Seagraves,  CEO of Halski,  for a quick Q&A to learn more about his experience with Founders:
What is something you found wholly unique about Founders? Both as a business, and how they conducted the entire process.?

I was impressed by the respect that Founders has garnered in the marketplace. We entered every conversation with a sterling reputation preceding us. The Founders brand awareness and association with excellence gave me an advantage out of the gate.

Understanding the businesses we work with is an integral part of our business model. Were there any specific incidents in which Founders displayed a thorough understanding of your business and/or your specific industry?

I was blown away by the ability and insight of every member of my team. I know my business like the back of my hand but the Founders team made it their mission to know it better. And from a numbers perspective, they did.

Open and honest communication is critical to what we do at Founders. Did you feel as if you could always reach out to someone at Founders? Are there any specific examples in which Founders displayed exceptional communication?

I worked with Founders for about 6 months, beginning to end. Communication from their team to mine was exemplary. By the time we reached the finish line, 3 of the Founders team members had made their way onto my “favorites” list in my cell phone. Daily calls, texts, emails. They rarely didn’t answer the phone and if they did miss a call from me, I never had to wonder when they were going to call back. I had a Founders team at my beck and call for half of a year and that open communication was invaluable.

Looking back, was there any particular moment, meeting, phone call or email that stood out in your mind while working with Founders?

I will never forget our first meeting after sending out the CIM. Founders put a tremendous amount of time and effort into the book and we carefully selected the recipient list. Zane and Chris set my expectations for 10-15 IOIs. We received 40 +. I sat in the Founders conference room excited, nervous, confused and overwhelmed while sifting through 40+ IOIs. Realizing that many people were so interested in my business was humbling. Trying not to smile and trying not to cry. I knew that was a moment I would not soon forget.

5) Some business owners choose to handle the selling of their business by themselves. Did you ever consider this option? If so, what made you decide against it. Looking back, do you think you would’ve been able to get a similar result without the help of Founders? Why or why not?

Originally, I considered selling the business myself and to be honest, going into the process with Founders, I was concerned that I was hiring them in haste. How hard could it be? In hindsight, however, I am 100% certain that there is no way I could have survived that battle alone. And even if I could have, I would have left significant value on the table and I would not have finished the drill with confidence, leverage, and poise. I will never take another business to market without Founders by my side.

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