Founders’ COVID-19 Update – April 22, 2020

By: Wesley Legg and Scott David

US daily cases have plateaued, and now much of the focus is on how and when to reopen the country. Last week, the White House issued guidance to states, but acknowledged the ultimate decision rested with state officials. Testing remains an area of concern, with most agreeing we need more testing capacity. Lab capacity is increasing; however, the lack of testing supplies appears to be the bottleneck. We tested an average of 153,365 daily samples the last 7 days.

The testing needed to reopen safely is of great debate, but opinions range from two million tests a week to twenty million tests a day (not likely). Testing allows health officials to identify cases quickly, so they can do contact tracing and quarantine the infected. Nonetheless, some states appear anxious to reopen and are unlikely to wait for the testing problem to be solved.

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