What We’re Reading In Industrial Technology

By: Gene Bazemore

Coronavirus: Industrial IoT in challenging times – McKinsey

Off-the-shelf IIoT solutions can be implemented in five days allowing for continuation of operations by leveraging positioning data to minimize employee contact and using infrared imaging to detect fevers. Additionally, these solutions can reduce waste by 20%, maintenance costs by 15%, service costs by 40% and inventory by 35%. Coming out of this pandemic, companies may thrive by investing in three key IIoT areas: connectivity and cybersecurity, mid-term cost improvement and flexibility, and revenue stability.

Implementing the Smart Factory – Deloitte

Despite 86% of US manufacturers surveyed stating that smart factories will be the main driver of competition by 2025, 65% report no progress on factory transition initiatives. A study with 40 smart factory transformation leaders highlights the integral role of change management in converting to a smart factory. These leaders also advise focusing on quality connectivity, confronting challenges in diversity devices, and bridging the IT/OT divide. Once converted smart factories provide a flood of data which AI may leverage to increase production processes, machine utilization, and throughput.

Empathy Starts with Curiosity – HBS

Instead of quickly assuming we understand the emotions of others, sincere connection forms when we slow down and expresses humble curiosity to truly understand the experiences of others. This equally applies to curiosity about oneself. Pausing to reflect allows us the necessary reprieve to disentangle dissonant thoughts and emotions and to learn about oneself.