Founders’ COVID-19 Insights Report – June 29, 2020

By: Wesley Legg

The latest Founders’ COVID-19 update provides a high level assessment of the U.S., but then dives into Alabama data, demonstrating that increase in case growth beyond testing growth is young people who, if healthy, have a very, very low risk of death. 

Why are we seeing more positives among younger people? Here are some thoughts…We may just be catching infections that were already there.  Remember, it is believed that the infection rate exceeds the case rate by 6-12X.  Young people are testing more because a) we’re now doing more mandatory testing (for sports, before surgeries, in some work places, etc.) b) we are doing contact tracing and telling more young people, you were exposed and need to be tested, and c) we’ve reopened the economy and these are the folks out and about.  Many of these people would never get tested otherwise because most of them have no or very mild symptoms.  But with increased access to testing, they are testing more.  If more people are getting COVID, but not experiencing health distress, we should see hospitalizations remain manageable and see the death rate remain constant or even decrease.  We just need to wait and see.

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