November 2023 SaaS Newsletter

Technology Sector Update & Silicon Y’all Recap

This edition of Founders’ November 2023 SaaS Market Newsletter includes:

  • Technology Sector Update & Silicon Y’all Recap Video
  • Efficient Customer Acquisition: A SaaS Make or Break
  • Insight from an Expert | Creating Enterprise Value with Marketing
  • Introduction to our recently launched Investment Grade Coaching & Advisory Board Program – a 12-month peer group and value creation program for SaaS entrepreneurs
  • Update on Founders’ SaaS Index Trends
  • Valuation Multiples and Recent Transaction Data
  • Benchmark Operating Statistics

If you or someone you know have questions regarding anything discussed, or the general SaaS marketplace, please feel free to reach out to Zane Tarence, Partner and Head of Founders’ Tech & Business Services Group.