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  1. Recapitalizations: Limit the Downside, While Maintaining Upside

    By Vaughn McCrary Entrepreneurs achieve a great feat when they get past the start-up and early stage phase.  No more sleepless nights…not so fast.  Lower middle market companies often face a new set of risks, including; More Competition: Success brings new competition, whether it be paving the way for new entrants or getting on the…


  2. 2015 M&A Review and 2016 M&A Overview

    By Duane P. Donner II, Managing Partner 2015 M&A REVIEW The numbers are still being tallied, but we already know that 2015 proved to be a record year for global M&A activity. Dealogic reported in late December that global M&A activity will exceed $5 trillion, the highest aggregate value ever, up 37% from 2014 ($3.67 trillion)….


  3. Private Equity Recapitalization: The Staged Exit

    By: Zane Tarence Many business owners believe selling their company is the end; they hand the keys to the buyer and they walk away. While some desire this outcome, particularly those who are nearing retirement, many business owners are still passionate about what they do, love their team, and want to see their company continue…