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  1. M&A Transaction Structure

    By: J. Wesley Legg If your company is considering buying or selling, it is important to understand the differences between the types of transactions and some key considerations when structuring a deal. Stock vs. Asset vs. Merger A stock sale is the purchase of the owner’s shares of a corporation. Usually, the selling organization and its…


  2. 2015 M&A Review and 2016 M&A Overview

    By Duane P. Donner II, Managing Partner 2015 M&A REVIEW The numbers are still being tallied, but we already know that 2015 proved to be a record year for global M&A activity. Dealogic reported in late December that global M&A activity will exceed $5 trillion, the highest aggregate value ever, up 37% from 2014 ($3.67 trillion)….


  3. Six Things to Consider When Choosing A M&A Lawyer

    By Joe Brady The transaction lawyers play a critical role in the final leg of a M&A process.  For the seller, they assist with legal due diligence, review and help negotiate a variety of pivotal closing documents starting with the purchase agreement and disclosure schedules, but also including non-competes, employment agreements, real estate leases, escrow…