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  1. Risks of Selling to a Competitor

    By Chris Weingartner For many owners, deciding to sell their business is one of the biggest decisions they’ll make in their lifetime, and the company’s value represents the amassing of their life’s work. Successfully selling the business at a premium price is crucial for owners to finance their dreams or fund their retirement. Finding the…


  2. Private Equity Recapitalization: The Staged Exit

    By: Zane Tarence Many business owners believe selling their company is the end; they hand the keys to the buyer and they walk away. While some desire this outcome, particularly those who are nearing retirement, many business owners are still passionate about what they do, love their team, and want to see their company continue…


  3. How External Market Factors Drive Your Company’s Valuation

    By: Wesley Legg, Chief Operating Officer “I should have sold when I had the chance,” is a phrase our advisors hear much more often than “I sold too early.” Timing a transaction is tricky, because it’s influenced by a variety of internal and external factors, such as: Government policy Capital markets Macro-economic forces Industry life-cycles…