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  1. Case Study: Atchafalaya Measurement, Inc. Management Buyout

    Based in Scott, Louisiana, Atchafalaya Measurement, Inc. (AMI) is a rapidly growing multi-basin energy services company that provides customized measurement systems to onshore and offshore drilling operations in many of the fastest growing drilling regions in the United States. Specifically, AMI primarily serves exploration and production (E&P) companies located in the Eagle Ford, Haynesville, Marcellus,…


  2. Oil & Gas Offshore Outlook

    By: Joe Brady The offshore O&G industry has been more resilient to the industry downturn than its onshore counterpart, thanks in part to inherent differences in market fundamentals. Recent reports have also indicated that the offshore O&G industry may be better positioned for a long term recovery in oil prices as well. However, offshore activity…


  3. Recapitalization of Spartan Energy Case Study

    The Principals of Founders Investment Banking, LLC acted as lead financial advisor in a sponsored majority recapitalization of Spartan Energy Services, LLC – which includes subsidiaries Spartan Thru Tubing, LLC and Spartan Flow Control, LLC. The recapitalization was sponsored by Harren Equity Partners who was supported by the debt provider Prospect Capital Partners.