1. Founders Industrials Market Update

    In this edition of Founders’ Industrials Update, we examine different trends affecting the advanced materials sector, provide an overview of the various end market applications, consider evolving acquiror dynamics, profile key players in the industry, and note several large transactions in the advanced materials M&A landscape.  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Follow the link to read the newsletter – Founders’ Industrials Market…


  2. Founders Industrials Market Update

    By: Gene Bazemore In this edition of Founders’ Industrials Update, we touch on several trends affecting the material handling market, provide a comprehensive, detailed breakdown of the various segments in the sector, highlight key players in the industry, as well as list several of the largest Q2 transactions in the industrials M&A landscape. ​​​​​​​ Follow the…


  3. Founders’ June 2019 Industrials Update

    In this edition of Founders’ Industrials Update, we focus our attention on the test and measurement industry. We analyze the outlook for the sector, breakout key segments in the test and measurement space, comment on historical valuation trends, and list prominent players in the industry.  We also provide coverage of key 2018 transactions in the test and…