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  1. Oil & Gas Services Mid-Year M&A Review

    By: John Ortstadt Current Market Commentary Strategic and financial buyers have been slow to move on acquisitions in 2015. In light of renewed uncertainty in oil prices, we expect buyers to remain patient in their approach of potential acquisitions. The conservative strategy limits a buyer from capitalizing on discounted valuations, but protects them from additional…


  2. Customer Concentration Can Be A Deal Breaker

    By Madison Davis, Senior Analyst Customer concentration is a notorious deal killer, yet many business owners fail to address this issue prior to pursuing a recapitalization or exit. After all, from an owner’s perspective, landing one household name as a client could be exactly what an up-and-coming company needs to build its credibility in the…


  3. Not All Revenue Is Valued Equally

    By Duane Donner, Managing Partner Most companies are valued by applying a multiple to the businesses EBITDA (earnings before interest taxes, depreciation, and amortization). However, buyers will closely examine the revenue streams generating that EBITDA and assess the quality thereof. Here are a few things buyers will look for when assessing a company’s revenue streams.