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  1. Founders’ 1Q 2016 SaaS Update

    By: Zane P. Tarence While overall deal volume and capital invested slowed slightly across the entire economy in the first quarter of 2015, the technology industry, and SaaS in particular, continues to outperform against other sectors. In the Founders’ 1Q 2016 SaaS Update, we explore recent transactions, analyze key performance indicators for owners to benchmark…


  2. 2015 SaaS & Internet Bama Bash

    The 2015 Bama Bash was an exclusive event that brought together CEOs of fast growing SaaS and Internet businesses with some of the industry’s leading private equity and venture capital investors. These CEOs learned from fellow entrepreneurs who have successfully navigated the capital continuum, shared relevant challenges and growth strategies, and candidly discussed with investors…


  3. Founders Hosts 3rd Annual SaaS and Internet Bama Bash

    From October 12th – 14th, Founders hosted its annual SaaS and Internet Bama Bash at Ross Bridge Resort.  The third annual summit enabled more than forty CEOs and leaders of top technology companies and ten prominent technology-focused private equity groups to share best practices and engage in strategic discussions about growth, value and current industry…